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Do you want to experience an unforgettable wine journey in the Tokaj region, which is home to the best and rarest wines in the world? If yes, then you are in the right place. We are a travel agency dedicated to organizing wine tours in Tokaj, Slovakia and Hungary. We also provide you with transport, advise on accommodation, provide meals and a guide. Our wine tours are fun, educational and relaxing.


Our wine tours will allow you to get to know the Tokaj wine-growing region, which is protected by designation of origin and is one of the five regions in the world where grapes can be grown for the production of naturally sweet wines. You will see the Tokaj vineyards, where the typical varieties Furmint, Lipovina (Hárslevelű), Yellow Muscat and Zeta are grown. You will visit the Tokaj wineries, where different types of Tokaj wines are produced, such as aszu wines, Tokaj  selections and essences. You will taste Tokaj wines, which have a rich, complex and harmonious taste and aroma. You will learn how botrytis cinerera (noble mold) is used to increase the concentration of sugar, acids and aromas in grapes.

Our wine tours will also show you the beauty of the Tokaj nature, which is full of plant and animal life. You can walk through vineyards, woods, meadows and the banks of the Bodrog river. You can also enjoy cycling, hiking or horse riding. Our wine tours are suitable for different fitness levels and interests.

Our wine tours also offer you the opportunity to taste local gastronomy, which is influenced by Hungarian, Slovak and Jewish cuisine. You can enjoy traditional dishes such as halászlé (fish soup), gombócleves (soup with dumplings), lecsó (vegetable stew), pörkölt (stew), salina (bacon), lángos (fried dough), palacsinta (pancakes) or flódni (cake with nuts, poppy seeds and apples). 

Our travel agency will take care of everything necessary for your comfortable and carefree trip. We will arrange transportation from your point of departure to the Tokaj area and back. We recommend accommodation in quality hotels, guesthouses or apartments. We will provide you with meals in restaurants, wine bars or local winemakers. We will provide you with guides who will provide you with information, advice and assistance throughout the journey. We will provide you with tickets and reservations 

Our travel agency offers you various packages and programs of wine tours that adapt to your preferences, budget and time schedule. You can choose between one-day, weekend or weekly trips. You can choose between group or individual trips. You can choose between thematic or general paths. You can also design your own route according to your wishes.

Our travel agency is professional, reliable and experienced. We have many years of experience in organizing wine tours in the Tokaj region. We work with proven and high-quality partners, such as winemakers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, transporters and guides. We follow current trends and news in the field of winemaking and tourism. We care about the satisfaction and safety of our customers.

If you are interested in our wine tours in the Tokaj region, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information, answer your questions and prepare a non-binding offer.

We look forward to your visit!


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Marek Hirko 

Tokaj tour guide

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